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Thread: Mailbox Alert Setup Using DW10-345

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    Mailbox Alert Setup Using DW10-345

    I placed a window sensor on my mailbox to notify when mail has been delivered. The problem is it also will set off the alarm when armed. Is there anyway that the 2gig panel can be programmed to only provide alerts and not activate the alarm. The two options that I have though of would be the following.

    1. Program the panel to show the sensor as a doorbell if this is at all possible. The doorbell I have works just the way i would like for the window sensor to work.

    2. Just bypass the sensor and activate the auto unbypass on the panel.

    Thanks in advance for any feedback on this.

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    Set it as Zone type 23 No Response

    Then add an rule

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    Will do thanks

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    Thanks again for the tip. It is great to get an alert when the mail has been delivered.

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