Hi everyone. I have been at this for days now - i have a new 2gig Go Control panel (my third, have 2 others at other properties). First 2 work flawless. This one will not allow me to add any new devices (locks, thermostats, etc). I can add the sensors no problem but whenever i try to add a device i get the following error:

"ZWave function Not available. the panel's z-wave controller is not able to perfrom this function due to its current state or configuration"

I have checked the questions 79-82 are set correctly and they are. I did notice that when i go to the controllers part, it does not know what kind it is (not sure if this is part of problem or not). I even switched vendors when the first one (who sold me unit) could not figure out. New vendor is trying to help but they claim to no officially support device. Any help is appreciated.