Recently moved into a new house that we had built. The builder had put in a basic hard wired system, but I never activated or used it. After reading this forum, watching videos and a couple of phone calls with the team at Lock & Alarm I decided to push forward on installing a 2gig system. I replaced my original DSC panel with a basic wireless keypad. I then installed my control panel and a TS1 auxiliary panel. From there I wired up the take over module to my existing set of wired sensors. From there I programmed the sensors into the panel and pretty much had a system in place. I had a couple of issues when I tried to add the go bridge, but I am pretty sure that was all user error. Mike from Lock & Alarm responded to my emails on a Saturday within minutes after sending them! He was great, gave me a few pointers then later confirmed everything was configured properly.. So now that I have the go bridge installed the system arms and disarms within seconds, really cool! Now I am planning to add zwave devices and my garage door to the system..

Just thought I would report my progress and sing the praises of Mike and the team! So glad I have them monitoring my system, they have been great to work with.... Great success, thanks!!