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Thread: old 2 gig go control system options ?

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    old 2 gig go control system options ?


    Purchased a house ( in Houston ) with an old ( I'm guessing around 2011 ) 2 gig Go Control alarm system installed.

    It was monitored by a company called "Security Systems" but at the recommendation of the previous owner I did not continue the service.

    When we moved in the girlfriend messed about with the panel and armed the system without us knowing the code to disarm !!

    I quickly disconnected it from the wall and left it that way for some time....

    Well now due to some recent burglaries in the area I have decided to get the system back up and running.

    I have "hacked" the panel & have now regained control of it, user codes, installer codes, have all the sensors working again etc.. only thing is the potential to have the system monitored again.

    In order to get to the point I am at I removed the GSM unit ( GO CNTRL TMO 2GIG GSM2 ) from the panel but did take note of the content of a message which included a login and password for, however these do not appear to work as I have attempted to login to with them with no luck.

    What are my options ? I have spoken to a couple of the more low cost monitoring providers and they have advised I need to purchase a new 3/4G GSM card which they can then communicate with. Is the existing hardware really useless ? I'm guessing that it must be "unlocked" or the login and password would not have been provided on the message ?

    Thanks for any help or pointersanyone can give me,


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    Without an plan you have a Local System only with no reporting or remote access and no option to upgrade or expand
    if that's what your looking for sound like your right there, if you want control of your system read below (the message you saw on your panel was the previous owners log in and probably not active anymore)

    Plans Start at $13.99 for Self Monitoring with No Activation Fees

    You will need a new Cell module the TMO you have is a 2G and will not allow it to be activated even if it was unregistered, you can buy a cell module here:

    This will work if your panel as Firmware version 1.9.6 or higher then you will just need to sign up for am plan and you can have full control of your system

    If you have a Version lower than 1.9.6 you will need to upgrade the firmware in that case the DIY Independence is the best deal around, it comes with the firmware cable,the module, Lawn Sign and Stickers, and the FIRST MONTH IS FREE

    Give us a call with any questions 1-877-661-8941

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