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Thread: Question on VMD Schedule

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    Question on VMD Schedule

    I was reading this thread and have a question about the part below.

    For a regular ADC IP cam make sure its IR, and set a rule for Video motion detection at all times, disable "at home" options, and use a small VMD window on the remote area...

    This shouldn't apply to indoor cameras should it? For Indoor schedule wouldn't I need to check the "Do not record when the system is disarmed"?

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    Do you want the camera constantly recording back to back clips when motion is detected when you are home and moving about?

    If you do, leave "at home" settings unchecked and the cam will record regardless of whether panel is disarmed or armed stay, or armed away.

    If you dont, leave the "at home" settings checked, and cam will record when armed away

    "at home "settings are:

    do not record when disarmed
    do not record when armed stay

    The VMD windows are are like "trip wires" that activate the camera
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