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Thread: Adding Cameras

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    Adding Cameras

    Has anyone tried adding any other cameras to your system beside the ones? I just got my outdoor camera hooked up from Vivint and the quality of the camera is pretty cheap.

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    See all the previous post about cameras here:

    The answer is No but read more to learn more


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    I'm planning to add more camera's too. Do i need to contact them for installation?

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    what type of cameras do you plan to add??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael M Perez View Post
    Quantum 495 Lm Camera
    Sorry Only Branded Cameras will work you can find compatible devices here

    an you can purchase them here

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    Can you confirm if an camera is compatible with vivintsky? I contacted vivint this morning to inquire about adding a camera to my existing system. They want a $250 instalation fee plus $200 for camera. When I asked about buying a camera on ebay and installing it myself he said I could do that if I wanted to. On ebay I only see vivint cameras with no mention of vivintsky compatibility. Thanks

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    Do you have a Plan that includes cameras already? if so you should be able to log into your account and add additional cameras as long as your plan allows that

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    The answer is yes and no, vivint runs a custom firmware on their cameras, only the outdoor cameras are still cameras, they make their own doorbell and ping indoor cameras.

    V520ir cameras and the (720?) outdoor cameras should work if they are recent production(i think all the cameras we used now come with the dual firmware and it switches to the correct firmware autimatically- worst case you have to return your cameras and get them from vivint.

    The outdoor cameras now only have a $69 install fee. Camera is $200 but thats not bad for an outdoor camera.

    Or you can just pay the $69 install fee and raise your monthly by $10/mo(i reccommend the upfront cost option)

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