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Thread: GC3 Release

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    Cool GC3 Release

    We have just been informed that the long awaited release of the GC3 is here,The GC3 Panel with the full 7" Touchscreen, and 100 Zones of Security, up to 4 partitions with built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth will start shipping in NOVEMBER , Our pricing will be approx $100 more then the GC2, there will also be a full 7" auxiliary touchscreen coming out shortly after (TS'1 will not work with the GC3), You will need to purchase a Cell module for it is not interchangeable with the GC2 cell module.

    Read all about features Here:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    If you would like to pre-order one and be put on our VIP priority list e-mail and you will get special introductory pricing

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    Will the current 2 gig sensors and equipment work with the GC3 ? I want to install my own 2gig system but need it before November . My thought is to install and just replace the panel in November . Will this work ?

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    Yes all the Sensors and Z-Wave devices will work and be Cross Compatible between the GC2 and the GC3, The Cell Module will not be, The good news is the GC3 will have WiFi on-board so you will not need to purchase the Go Bridge for Broadband communications **NOTE** you will still need an active account for the broadband communications

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    Do you have any information about an API? Like a REST interface or ability to push information to another home Automation controller?

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    Nothing yet on API, Nortek does own ÉLAN so integration with their products may be possible in the future and if so maybe they will open up to others as well.....if market proves the value as a standalone home automation/security platform it may stay locked down though...what are some other thoughts on this?

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    Thanks, that's a bummer. I've been holding off pulling the trigger on an alarm system to see what the GC3 had to offer. In my opinion, since it will not be able to control everything, it needs to have some access to a full blown home automation system like the ISY994i. If there is no integration with other systems, like Insteon, Harmony Hub, Amazon Echo, IFTTT, just to name a few, then we need a way to pull all of those together. The ISY has the ability to directly interface with an ELK system, and thru a helper program, the DSC and Honeywell panels. I really wanted to use a GC3, but with no API, I will now have to decide between the others.

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    The zwave chip is it Z-wave Plus compliant?

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    Quote Originally Posted by alaska99 View Post
    The zwave chip is it Z-wave Plus compliant?
    No specs out yet on the Z-wave feature yet as soon as we're hear something we will post an update
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    Quote Originally Posted by locknalarm View Post
    No specs out yet on the Z-wave feature yet as soon as we're hear something we will post an update
    I had a look at the Z-Wave version on a Beta GC3 and it showed Z-Wave Version 4.05 Build Version 2030 Firmware Version 0.26.22

    This may not be the final version but wanted the thread


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    Did the GC3 have integrated webcam like DSC Touch pannel?

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