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Thread: ZWave Thermostat with Wireless (RF) Option

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    ZWave Thermostat with Wireless (RF) Option

    I have a thermostat on my 2nd floor that is set up in a Wireless (RF) connection with a Honeywell control board. The previous homeowner added a heat pump as a first stage heating and I guess there weren't enough wires on the initial thermostat cable to accommodate it, so it was set up with a wireless connection.

    I want to replace this thermostat with a ZWave (I have several of the new thermostats that handle multi-stage heating/cooling) but since there aren't enough wires to connect it properly, I can't install it.

    I emailed Honeywell and apparently they don't have any wireless thermostats that can also be controlled via ZWave (kind of silly).

    Does anybody know of any options for this? I'm not sure pulling a thermostat cable to the 2nd floor is an option, though I have the feeling that I may not have a choice.

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    most heatpumps have the following wires, what do you have?

    for example, the following is electric 1 stage cooling, 2 stage heat pump with AUX/Emergency heat

    usually color matched, but not always

    yellow Y (first stage cooling/heat)
    white W (second stage heat/AUX, and Em heat)
    red R/RH Power
    orange/blue O/B reversing Valve (O default usually)
    green G Fan
    common C (optional power for Tstat)

    some tstats (Nest, but not ADC), would have you wire the W second stage AUX as W2 for AUX heat

    Y2 would be a second cooling stage
    W2 would be another AUX heating stage

    ADC tstat configured remotely for electric HP with 1 stage cool, and 2 stage heat:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    That's the rub. When they built the house, there was only a single-stage heating and cooling, so only a 3 wire hookup to the thermostat. When the original homeowner did the HVAC upgrade, he added a second stage heating (heat pump on top of the standard propane) which required 2 additional wires. Rather than re-run additional cabling to the 2nd floor (which would have been a PITA) they put in a wireless system. There is a Honeywell wireless panel on the HVAC system which is hardwired to the panel. On the 2nd floor, the thermostat is a Honeywell RF system which communicates to the wireless panel.

    However, there is no way to control this wireless thermostat via mobile phone, etc... It is a manual program and entry. So essentially I need a thermostat that will communicate with the HVAC system via the RF system that Honeywell uses, but is also controlled with ZWave so I can incorporate it into my setup.

    In short, I know exactly which wires I need, but the wires are not run from the HVAC in the basement to the 2nd floor since the system was upgraded after the fact. The only way to get a thermostat on floor 2 is either the wireless setup I currently have or to run a new thermostat cable from the basement to the 2nd floor (not easy).

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    well then you are SOL.

    suggestion to you is to hire a HVAC company before you screw up your $5000+ system and have to replace it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by givemsm2 View Post
    well then you are SOL.

    suggestion to you is to hire a HVAC company before you screw up your $5000+ system and have to replace it.
    Well, that was kind of an a$$ thing to say. Just how exactly do you think I would screw up my $5000+ system? If you read the initial inquiry, I was only asking if anybody knows of a thermostat that will both communicate with RF (wireless) AND offer ZWave control. I was looking to simply avoid running another thermostat cable if there was a thermostat that met those requirements. I am perfectly competent at cabling a multizone system and if the device does NOT exist than running the additional wire will be the only option.

    I award you no points and may God have mercy on your soul.

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