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Thread: Vivint sensors and doorlocks without Skypanel - takeover

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    Vivint sensors and doorlocks without Skypanel - takeover

    hello all,

    I'm a first timer to this DIY alarm world.

    We are moving into a home with a Vivint alarm system. However, the prior occupant will be taking their Skypanel with them. I reviewed several of these threads but just want to make sure I'm on the right path. Is it possible to buy & install a 2gig go control panel to work with the current sensors and devices?

    Also, Livewatch says their control panel (Qolsys IQ) can connect with Vivint's sensor and equipment. Does any one have experience with Livewatch's claim?

    Please feel free to link me the appropriate thread for my question if already answered. Look forward to hearing some feedback.

    Thank you for your help.

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    If you buy a 2GIG panel and a cell module you can use all the equipment left behind very easily with a plan for as little as $13.99 a month there are many posts on the forum that pertain.:

    2GIG VS Qolsys BTW you will need a Translator Qolsys uses a different frequency for its wireless zones:
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    Thank you for pointing me out to the right direction. These links help alot. Thank you again.

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    No Problem at all that what we are here for


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