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Thread: Iris / GE Add-On Switch

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    Iris / GE Add-On Switch

    Pretty sure this is my first post. Hello all. I have the 2Gig Go Control alarm system.

    I wanted to replace a standard light switch with Z-Wave. Got the Iris / GE 12723 Add-On Switch from Lowe's. All instructions say I should see 5 wires in the box. I've never seen any electrician make that split in the switch box. Maybe it's common. I've never seen it. What I have seen, and see now, is 2 wires, white and black, no built in 1958. The white and black are actually both hot. One is from the panel, the other to the load.

    So, obviously the Ad-On Switch didn't work. I also tried reversing white and black. But it shouldn't work? It's only getting one leg so it's not getting any power? It should get power right? Z-Wave needs power?

    Did I buy the wrong switch? Does the box need to be rewired?


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    You need the ground.

    If no ground, try an evolve or linear zwave switch (requires the minimote)

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