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Thread: CNTRL1 vs CP21? Any real difference?

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    Question CNTRL1 vs CP21? Any real difference?

    So I have a 2GIG-CNTRL1-345 (APX Branded) that I just remembered was in my home before I started renovations. I did not save the power adapter, I imagine the battery is shot, and I know I will need a new cellular communicator module. I have verified that I can get into the installer menus using the default Vivint/APX code.

    Is there any appreciable difference between the CNTRL1 version and the CNTRL2 or CP21 versions of this panel? Any difference in form or function whatsoever?

    I'm planning (like many others I'm sure) to upgrade to the GC3 as soon as it becomes available, but is there any reason it would be worth the $100 or so difference in the meantime to buy a new CP21 vs using the CNTRL1 that I already have and just buying a replacement power adapter and battery?


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    I am assuming that the 2GIG panel you have has a place to plug in the phone line, the older panels had the POTS built into the board, the new panels they did away with the POTS Module and it is now an optional add on

    Here is the older version:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) Module can still be added if redundant communications is needed and you don't want to use the Go Bridge
    POTS Module:

    So to answer your question the only difference I am aware of is a newer Z-wave version and I would use it until the GC3 comes out, which should be by the end of this year

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    there are currently three hardware revisions of the original panel.

    The current panel version has a newer zwave firmware build (3.42), the speakers are different, panel fits the newer 3G antenna (side panel), plug in optional POTS module, and there is also a AC power jack on the newer builds.

    Also, all vivint panels are on firmware 1.9.6 or lower. Current firmware at this time is 1.13
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