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Thread: Buying a house with Vivint system installed - Seller is taking it with them

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    Buying a house with Vivint system installed - Seller is taking it with them

    Ok. I have been trying to research the best thing to do in this situation. The house we are buying has a Vivint system installed. the sensors i believe are wired in. at least the door sensors are, i did not see any physical wireless sensors on the windows either. The seller has 2 years left on their contract and they pay $68 a month. After reading Vivint customer service reviews and the monthly cost being so high, i do not want to take that over. So Vivint is removing their system and moving it to their new house.

    From what i understand, the wired sensors will stay in the door and window frames. They have the Vivint system that looks exactly like the 2gig Go Control system here .

    My question is: Can i purchase a keypad and 'brain' to install myself? I do not want the monthly monitoring. Someone is home most of the time, but i would like to be able to arm it and know if someone is trying to get in at night. Also we have young children and we like the feature of the alerts when the doors/windows open.

    I have talked to the seller and they will allow me to come look at the motherboard where all the sensors connect to see about the installation process. I figure if its the same as the 2gig system, i should be able to match the way its connected to the 'brain' or whatever its formally called. I am very mechanically inclined with a lot of things, i just have no knowledge yet of security systems. I feel that if i could match the connections, that would be ideal. But what are my other options and is this even recommended or harder than i am making it out to be?

    thanks for your help.

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    New at this myself, but have been doing tons of research in planning my system out.

    My understanding is that you will need to buy a 2GIG Control Panel (AKA "The Brain" and Keypad in one), and a 2GIG Takeover Module (which you would hook all of the existing wired sensors into, regardless of the type, and converts them to language that the 2GIG control panel can understand). You would need one takeover module for every 8 wired sensors. See here:

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    Take a better look at what is there if there is an existing panel what is it? 2GIG Go Control or a Sky Panel

    Chances are the provider will not come for the equipment, Just make sure your sales contract spells out you are not assuming any contract for the existing alarm, if it stays behind read below

    You can buy a New Panel Approx $179.00 and the Takover Module and any other parts you may need at

    If its the Go Control and it has Hardwired sensors already you don't need a takeover module as it is already installed, if you want to be in control and free of any prior provider you have a few options and the monthly price for startes at $13.99 a month

    There is the DIY Independance Package Option

    Or you can just buy a Cell Module and A Plan starting at $13.99 a month

    **Firmware Must be 1.9.6 or higher on the Go Control, The Sky Panel is locked to the current provider and cant be reassigned to any other service provider

    Just in case you still need the Takover Module read and watch below videos

    Here is a Complete Video on the Takover Module

    There are two options:

    Just the Takover Module and use the Power from an existing panel or supply source


    Kit includes one (1) Super Switch Takeover Module, which converts up to eight (8) wired sensors to 2GIG wireless zones. The kit also includes a Power Supply Board with backup battery charging circuit, a Grounded Plug-in Transformer, and a ABS plastic enclosure that includes a dedicated space for your backup battery (battery not included).

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    Thank you both^^ The current install definitely looks like the GoControl and not the skypanel from what i see online. I can look harder. There is nothing in the contract about the alarm, but when the seller called vivint, they said they would come out and remove the equipment for them so who knows if they will do that or not. Ill admit i havent had time to go back and look at it, is the current gocontrol keypad have the 'brain' built in? i thought i read that wasnt ideal if someone just ripped it off the wall? Either way it will probably be fine for my purposes. I am going to try and go by this weekend or next before they come remove it to make sure, but its good to know that the 2gig option seems to be the easiest. They also have the vivint thermostat and door lock on the back door.... they did not mention taking that with them and i didnt notice it until i saw it on the vivint website.. i may have to bring that up.

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    No worries about Riping off the wall that action would activate the "Crash and Smash which is included with an Interactive Plan

    Here is more info about CRASH & SMASH PROTECTION:

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