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Thread: Can't access system config on old vivint panel - any help appreciated?

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    Can't access system config on old vivint panel - any help appreciated?

    I am new to the forum... thanks for the information so far but can use help.

    I picked up a 2GIG vivnit panel at a garage sale. The panel is model 2GIG-CP11-345E with software version 1.9.6. It has the 2GIG-REC2-345E receiver installed, backup battery and a cellular module which I determined is locked out and un-usable. All appears to be working OK except a major item (system configuration) access to add devices. I gained initial access using the duress code (user 8) and changed the user code for master user 1. Next I accessed the toolbox using default code 2203 that I read about. So far so good - I thought! I gained access to the toolbox using code 2203, but once in, I went to select "system configuration" and it gives me the message that the "feature is locked and to contact tech support". I read here on this forum that vivint typically locked the panel programing with Q44-Q45, thereby not allowing or denying end users from making changes. I guess that is what I am experiencing and need help. Without access, I can not add devices.

    So, I next read on the forum that a hard reboot would "reset the panel to factory" and change the out of box installer code back to 1561. Reading posts on instructions on "how to" "take over" a panel back and get it back to factory settings I performed the following steps in hopes of achieving that with this panel. Here is what I did: (1) disconnected AC power source, (2) disconnect battery, (3) I also removed a known locked cell module-didn't know if that mattered (4) pressed and held in the two front panel buttons while reconnecting the power (5) the panel rebooted, however the panel still does not allow me access to system configurations from the tool box.

    It appears that nothing has changed, the panel staying locked down with regard to system configuration. What am I doing wrong? Any help is appreciated - thank you!

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    Those questions are all locked out by previous provider, it can be unlocked if you purchase a new cell module and have your new provider reset all those questions on the back end, you will need to sign up for an plan they start at $13.99 a month

    We provide month to month service although we would like to have you as a customer for more than just a month, you are only obligated to 1 month of service by signing up for a plan

    Everything else is in this previous discussion/post

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    I also have a locked CP and replaced the cell module with an unregistered one, even updated the firmware to 1.13. The spot on screen 3 of 3 left side middle box where the cell phone test should be is blank. Telephone test is above and installer toolbox below. I have a post in this forum already but the solution that is supposed to work, for me is not. Any ideas?

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    Make sure cell module is seated correctly, if you have the ability re-flash the firmware, if non of those work then its hardware failure and panel needs to be replaced

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