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    Lightbulb My Findings and experience so far

    Just sharing my findings and experience. Just got the system installed a week ago, I immediately wanted to see if it's possible to install other equipment to it. 1st I noticed that the cams were IP cams, so I figured they had to be connected to my router somehow, but found that the panel was the only new equipment connected and assigned an IP on my Router. I ran a WIFI scan to see if a new Access Point was created for these cams. It turns out that the panel is providing the access point (kinda like tethering I guess) It's SSID starts with tlabXXXX. My next goal was to acquire the Access Points Password. My thought was I need to somehow turn on the panels WPS feature to search for devices then connect my laptop to it. I got the installer code (Google brought me here) Within the installer toolbox settings it allows you to add a repeater, I used that option to connect to my laptop, once granted access I was able to use Windows network manager to view the password. Once connected to the panel I was able to connect to the cameras. I gave it a rest a few days came back to explore more only to find out that the installer code doesn't work anymore (I didn't disable the 48hr option so now it's blocked) I can still connect to the access point, ran IPCONFIG to see what the gateway was so I can try to connect to the Panel itself, am guessing it will give me it's router options, but I don't know the default pass or user name, Pic attached. I want access to see what other options the panel has (port forward etc etc). Don't know if any of the info I have is useful but hope it is. Am in the process (thinking about it) of calling to have them reconnect or install a new device to unblock the installer code again . I will update this status.
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    The folks at vivint are pretty slick aren't they?

    I guess I should feel fortunate in that my newly installed system was set up by protection 1.
    Regards, Mike.

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    One more thing, I read how it was hard to update the panel. Well I have the Space Monkey option (storage) what I did was log out my space monkey account from the settings menu, when I tried to log back in and it wouldn't let me, when I called Vivint they told me it was because I needed to update the system, they sent the update, so yes they are pretty slick . They would have kept me with the old version had I not had any issues. I believe they should not lock out the installer tool box, and make updates available as soon as they roll through.

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    If you can get back into the panel with the installer code, there is an update option in the installers toolbox menu. It will show display current version, and will also display broadband update as an option. The next version of the firmware is displayed with the option to update to it.

    Not sure if they roll out remote updates.

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    Just cal vivint tell them that your camera isnt connecting and that you are tech savy and that if they unlick the panel you can remove and re add it.

    They are pretty good about unlocking panels and t is a standard part of their troubleshooting process.

    Or just say you got high voltage light switches and need them to unlock the oanel so you can add the zwave device or whatever. As long as its connected to the backend and monitored its not a huge deal to get it unlocked. If someone refuses call back in a few mins and someone else will help you do it.

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