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Thread: Celluar Modem - take over

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    Celluar Modem - take over

    I just purchased a HOME... before the prev owner informed Vivint of the change
    i got them to unlock the panel, and i got into toolbox and turned off the 48hr lock
    hopefully it stays that way...

    so... why cant we change the modem?

    1. electrical
    2. physical

    if the modem change is because of 1 and/or 2, i can solve that with a custom cable...and mount the new modem outside the housing
    or is it the FIRMWARE in the Go2.0, will only accept thier modem
    for sure #2 is there, as this modem, looks smaller than what would drop into GC1

    i would prob be just happy to swap in a GC3, but as of today(july 6) it doesnt exist

    learning as much as i can on what i got, i leaned that i dont want VIVINT


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    Currently there is no way to swap the cell module in the Sky Panel, It is a Proprietary system with no way to switch to another provider at this point

    Read more here:

    The GC3 should be out before the end of this year, you can get a used Go Control from us or e-bay and get up and running for about $150 till the new gear comes out,
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