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Thread: Remotec ZXT-120 IR Extender 2GIG COMPATIBLE?

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    Remotec ZXT-120 IR Extender 2GIG COMPATIBLE?

    I purchased a Remotec ZXT-120 IR Extender in the hopes of controlling my Fujitsu Ductless Split AC/Heat Pump. So far, the 2GIG GO Control recognizes it as a thermostat, as it does have an internal temperature sensor, but none of the other programming instructions seem to follow anything I see on the controller screen. The directions instruct me to change numerous parameters for the device on the controller in order for the proper IR codes for my HVAC system to be used. Does anyone have any experience with this particular unit or another IR extender that is known to work?


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    You can find a list of Z-wave devices that have been tested by by going to and scrolling to the "Energy Management" section. The devices on this page means has tested the device to be compatible. Any devices not listed on this page means it has not been tested so full functionality or compatibility cannot be guaranteed. The device you mentioned is not on that list. With devices that are incompatible, it typically means it will not integrate with the interface so it may not display commands to the device or the device may not be detected properly.

    It is possible the device still may operate locally with the panel. To find out which devices are compatible with the 2GIG panel, you will need to contact 2GIG directly at 866-670-1591.

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