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Thread: Contact Comparison - 2Gig or Honeywell

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    Contact Comparison - 2Gig or Honeywell

    I have been battling a "loss of supervision" issue with multiple contacts and have been researching possible causes. I am using the Honeywell 5820L contacts. I recently read an article to use a Repeater, however it seems all repeaters are not the same. I have one repeater (5800RP from Honeywell/ademco) which was recommended since these are Honeywell Contacts. However, after reading about a different vendors repeater, it is indicating that the frequencies used with a 2gig contact and a Honeywell seem to differ. Does anyone know if this is in fact the case? The other vendors repeater indicates that it can work with both vendors and their distinct frequencies.

    So if this is truly the case, which vendors contacts seem to be bullet-proof? I am thinking of going to 2gig and away from the honeywell since the control panel is a 2 gig. Any recommendations here? Also with the 2gig contacts, are there any differences with signal strength when comparing slim-line vs. standard?


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    Tell us more:

    House Size
    Construction of Walls
    Where/How are the transmitters Mounted and on what type of material?

    What happens when you do a System Test

    Security>Menu>Toolbox>Installer Code>System Test
    Then trip the zones

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    its a 3600 sq.ft. home. The CP is in the master room with Honeywell 5820Ls upstairs and downstairs. The walls are drywall and the windows are vinyl frames where the contacts are mounted. There are levelor faux blinds but when I run the system test I am getting 3 out of 4 bars on the contacts where we've had the sporadic loss of supervision. Some are upstairs , others are downstairs. I am going to check but I have these on I believe loop 1 (or whatever the default is) and think I need to change this to Loop 2. I'm at the point of thinking that I need to replace the Honeywells or something. How would you go about trubleshooting something like this, a radio sniffer of some sort? It seems like the radio is strong but the not familiar with what "supervision" means. Is it that the CP is failing to ping these honeywells randomly, because when the contacts are tripped (contact -->panel) it seems like a strong signal. I'm at a loss ..... not just a signal loss...

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    I am seeing a little confusing information. On honeywell documentation it states these 5820L contacts should be a Loop1 but with 2Gig contcts its a Loop2. Because I am using the 2Gig CP, should this be a loop 2? thanks

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    The Sensors check in every couple hours this option can be disabled in the specific zone options

    Name:  sensor supervised.JPG
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    Set it to Loop 2

    2gig/honeywell or both are 345mhz so no difference in their transmit frequencies, I have used the 5820L with no reported issues in similar size homes

    It is not a range issue based on your test

    Name:  sensor locations.JPG
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    Thank you for that information. I have some DW10's coming today to replace these Honeywells. Last question, do you guys prefer velcro or screws for the contacts? any issues with velcro coming off in the hot summer months?


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    We use the two sided tape that comes with the DW-10's it is usually is fine, you can always add a bead of silicone around the transmitter for a tighter bond

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