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Thread: Leak Detector compatible with 2gig?

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    Leak Detector compatible with 2gig?

    Can anyone tell me of a Leak Detector compatible with a 2gig Go Panel?

    My Home Security is through Link Interactive and they allow me an installer code. Many of the things Vivint, et al, offer I have been able to install myself and purchase at Amazon.

    Stumped on the leak detector. Any advice?

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    Here us a Water Sensor that would work:
    Michael Ferer
    "The Source For Do It Yourself 2Gig Alarm Parts & Plans"

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    Post Water sensor

    The best option will be RESOLUTION PRODUCTS - RES RE219.

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    Can we not just rig a door sensor and water sensor together? I mean all we really need is continuity

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    I have this product and need to figure out how to add it to the panel. I was hoping to get it done today and not have to wait for tech support to open tomorrow. Any help appreciated. Thanks.

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