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Thread: 2GIG alarm & 2GIG a/c controller

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    2GIG alarm & 2GIG a/c controller

    I have a 2GIG alarm and 2GIG a/c zwave controller with remote management service.

    I have setup the to schedule the temperature schedule for home and away to change at a predetermined time.

    My question is this:
    The IOS app shows the "schedule on" under COOL. However, the "target" temperature is different than what the schedule says it should be. For example, schedule shows 75 while away but target temperature is 72. Which one is in effect?

    If I walk up to the a/c panel and turn the temp down, which temp is in effect and for how long?

    Also, the GPS smart perimeter has been disabled.

    Thanks Jason

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    I have seen this before when the automation is not acting in accordance with your preset schedules, ask your service provider to have look into it, if you adjust your temp outside of your pre programmed schedule it will override the schedule and then it should return when the next schedule is picked up, but if your adc scheduling is out of wack it prob wont work right. Amy change either by app or at stat should happen as described

    hope this helps

    let us know how you make out

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