I have the 2Gig Control Panel running 1.10 code and ever since I have put this in, it seems flaky. I constantly get the loss of supervision for rooms that are less that 50 feet away down a hall. I've replaced batteries in the widow sensors and even replaced the sensors and these issues keep reappearing maybe once or twice every two weeks. We ended up not using the unit because its so flaky and disabled the audio alerts because of this problem. Is there something else i should try before throwing it out and maybe going with something like a Honeywell Lync or waiting for the 2gig 3 control panel? I did order that 900MhZ card to allow the TS1 to also inter-operate but the TS1 connected to the unit without having to put that card in. Do you think its something related or maybe a code upgrade? I need something solid of course.