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Thread: Loss of Supervision

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    Loss of Supervision

    I have the 2Gig Control Panel running 1.10 code and ever since I have put this in, it seems flaky. I constantly get the loss of supervision for rooms that are less that 50 feet away down a hall. I've replaced batteries in the widow sensors and even replaced the sensors and these issues keep reappearing maybe once or twice every two weeks. We ended up not using the unit because its so flaky and disabled the audio alerts because of this problem. Is there something else i should try before throwing it out and maybe going with something like a Honeywell Lync or waiting for the 2gig 3 control panel? I did order that 900MhZ card to allow the TS1 to also inter-operate but the TS1 connected to the unit without having to put that card in. Do you think its something related or maybe a code upgrade? I need something solid of course.


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    Sounds Like you already have a 900 MHz receiver (If you have the TS'1 you must) does it look like this with the Antenna:

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    If you already do then i would try and change it first, if that doesn't work there may be interference in the 345 MHz range if only your transmitters drop out and not your TS'1, On your panel try and do a range test

    Here is a Video on How:

    Also What kind of sensors do you have and are any mounted on metal?


    What is the construction of you home?

    Please post your results


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    Much appreciated for your response mike. I'll try and reseat that module and crack it open today. I have honeywell slim 5820 contacts and its sporadic which sensors go out. The home is a wood frame, and really just 2 doors (inside doors) between the contact that always goes out and the control panel. I did buy a Honeywell repeater so i can try that as well but i think Im all out of options unless i can run an external antenna to that 900 MHZ module or something. Nothing is mounted on metal as well. Any help is much appreciated.


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    Click image for larger version. 

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    I did order a new transceiver and noticed that my old one indicated a revA. I don't know if this is relevant or not.

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    I have had systems with low signal strength between the panel and sensors and found that when I replaced the 345 mhz transceiver the signal strenght increased about 2 fold. Also, have had good success using the 345 mhz repeater.

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    Loss of Supervision Help

    Just got home from vacation and my panel now has loss of supervision on all my sensors. Can someone help me?

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    Do yo have a takeover module (are your zones hardwired into a small white box)

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