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Thread: 2 thermostats?

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    2 thermostats?

    Before I buy a second thermostat for the upstairs can the 2 gig manage both?

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    yes for compatible zwave thermostat.

    The mesh network of the 2gig panel can support up to 242 zwave devices.

    Line of sight zwave range is around 65' or so, and powered zwave devices act as repeaters in the network.
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    the 2gig can handle several thermostats just fine. To be safe, put the batteries in the thermostat BEFORE you mount it to the wall to make sure that you can get ZWAVE signal where it's final location is. If you do not have a stable signal, you can always get a lamp/appliance module or a zwave light bulb to act as a repeater (only AC powered z-wave devices repeat).

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    The 2GIG supports up to 232 Z-wave devices.

    One tip i would add in on top of adding in lamp modules to work as repeaters if necessary is to also make sure you go under the "Advanced Toolbox" in Z-wave and hit the "Rediscover Network" button as this is what is needed in order to mesh the network and start activating your repeaters and signal paths.

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