I just want to share my experience and some tips of what I've learned. I choose Vivint because they use 2GIG gear and I didn't have to pull any money out of my pocket to start, just the long monthly contract. For me it was a fair trade off. I wanted to add extra components and not pay the high fees Vivint charges, so I was glad to find this forum and see the installer code. I used the installer code 2203 to disable the 48 hour lock out and everything has been working good so far. Its been about 3 weeks since they came to install and about three days since an installer came to add a piece they ran out of on the original install.

Today I received a 2GIG thin window/door sensor I ordered off of Amazon and I did a self install. The install was easy went into the installer toolbox section added the wireless sensor. I used the learn feature to added the serial number and went though the rest of the settings.

I did make a mistake putting the sensor on Loop 1. It had automatically picked Loop 2, but not knowing I had the plan of matching the settings on the other sensors installed by Vivint. Loop 1 is apparently for hardwiring so this was making the sensor stay open or closed after one action. In the middle of learning that I called Vivint and they ran through a checklist and said everything looked good on their end. They didn't seem to mind that I bought from another vendor and self installed. I later learned the Loop 1 and 2 thing by reading the comments on Amazon. Apparently lots of people ran into that problem.

Now that I tested that I can have a "none Vivint" sensor installed and accepted by Vivint I plan on adding more. Vivint installed two recessed door sensors, two indoor cameras, 4 glass breaks. I added the previously mention thin door/window sensor. Next up a hand full of motion detectors, smoke and CO sensors. Later down the road I'll probably do the door locks and thermostat.

Hope this helps someone out.

PS the audio alarm from the control panel is excruciatingly loud, it makes it hard to think straight.