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Thread: IP bridge, anyone try to chat direct to one yet? (HA integration)

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    Question IP bridge, anyone try to chat direct to one yet? (HA integration)

    I've got an old CADDX system I'm thinking of updating (no land line, no monitoring) to something modern and was thinking about the 2gig panel.
    The one thing my old CADDX can do is connect serially to my HA system, I can see zone changes and arm/disarm the panel.
    I'd like to be able to do this with any new panel I get.
    I understand the 2gig panel itself can't be communicated with, but can the IP bridge?
    Is there a port/web page available that I could communicate with to monitor/control the panel?

    If not, is there anything out there that can be monitored/controlled in this way?

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    Are you asking has anyone been able to hack the ADC IP Bridge for the 2GIG system (BRDG1) to enable local/LAN access, or self monitoring capability for security and home automation in lieu of an active ADC account with cloud based controls?

    This would most likely require new firmware for the BRDG1.

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    My home automation system monitors the doors via the alarm system and acts accordingly. (locking doors/turning lights on, etc)
    Also, I have RFID so that the HA system unlocks doors, disarms the alarm and otherwise makes the house ready for folk to come home.
    Theres a keypad by the bed with a button 'bedtime'. All lights are turned off, furnace is put into night mode, alarm is armed and the house is otherwise settled for the night.
    I'd also like to setup a bluetooth triangulation system where the HA system knows exactly where everyone in the house happens to be and reacts to everyone's presence (including arming/disarming and so on)

    I'd like to be able to monitor/control the 2GIG so I can keep it linked to my HA system.
    Doesn't mean circumventing the monitoring of it, just able to augment it locally.
    I'm guessing the bridge has no local ability at all then? No web page to chat with or anything to telnet/ssh into?

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    2GIG HA is strictly zwave

    You can set HA rules/scenes to automate based on security sensor triggers (such as if zwave lock is opened, system disarms), tstat and lights automation can be set for rules/scenes...

    There is no BT, but there GEO fence based HA triggers that use mobile based GPS.

    The Bridge just at this time adds broadband redundancy to the 3G Cellular connectivity for security and zwave HA.

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    Darn, I really liked 2GIG.
    Any idea if there's any other modern security systems that might be local controllable?

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    We have tied the open collector in to our savant system as a contact and made a rule on the 2gig panel. When we disarm the system via our 2gig key fob the Savant home automation system receives a signal through the open collector unlocks the doors and turns the lights on to our store open scene and vice versa when the system is armed. I wish we could get the 2gig on our Savant interface but according to 2gig there are no plans in the future for that. SOOOO its open collector with minimal automation or open two apps for now!

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