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Thread: Cannot Recommend Livewatch Security

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    Cannot Recommend Livewatch Security

    I wanted to post a recent 3 year experience with Livewatch Security as this is a very honest and dynamic form to all 2Gig DIY'ers.

    I have ended my business relationship Livewatch Security of 3 years as their ability to support 2Gig panels has dwendelled to the point of unreliable.

    SafeMart/Livewatch Security have started using a new panel the Qolsys IQ panel and continue to support the Simon XT panel.
    2Gig go controls are a thing of the past for them when I started with them and when I left them.

    They do an okay job of "customer delight" but do not keep anyone around in the tech support department that knows and understands the 2Gig panel. There is maybe 1 or 2 people in the entire company that understand 2gig but they are not available to help. My very first experience was totally unrelated to having a 2gig panel. For over 2 months my account was left on "test". At the time new customers were put on test for 72 hours so that the customer can get use to using their system. I always hated that feature as I have been using an alarm system my entire life and don't need my house unprotected for that long. When we moved from our apartment to our house we did not have to suffer through that again.

    It wasn't until our first alarm as new customers that the monitoring station came over 2-way and said "We've received your test signal are we coming out clear?". I explained to them that this was not a test rather a false alarm but need to call Livewatch to change it. I spoke with our sales person and he gave me 2 months free but then time went on and nothing really changed.

    Livewatch's monitoring station Criticom Monitoring Services, does not utilize the 2-way feature on the alarm but rather calls my cell phone or uses their ASAPER texting system to respond to alarms.

    It was a fast response to give me text notification but not apart of the procedure I was looking for. I want someone to check the house over the intercom in case something is wrong. They did not but continued to use the same excuse that "they couldn't get through". It wasn't until 3 weeks ago I had a false alarm in our new house. I decided to let the alarm run to see if Criticom will use the 2-way voice again. They did not but called me on my phone instead. Then I was told that the alarm was from our patio door but rather it was actually from the garage door. The zones names were given to Criticom incorrectly even through I have reviewed this issue several times with Livewatch since we moved. I also decided to inquire one more time about the 2-way voice issue as well. The tech support person I spoke to said specifically "Sir, you listed this feature as one you don't want to use". I did not argue but said "no" and came to the internet to research new companies as it looks like not only is Criticom the problem but so is livewatch.

    All in all - Livewatch is a good company but only for the equipment they service not anything beyond that. I have been told that on Feb 23, 2015 Livewatch will become a subsidiary of Monitronics. Had I known I might have stayed as one of the technicians told me that Livewatch has historically had communication problems with Criticom Monitoring Solutions. My home security and my family's security cannot be risked any longer. I have since found a new company and will be posting initial reviews and any ending reviews as time goes on.

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    Great Info, I have seen first hand that not every Central Station is built the same, we had some 2-way voice issues that was related to Central Station Hardware and not 2GIG or and after discovering, for us it required a Central Station Change, 2-Way Voice over cellular works great and is very valuable especially when you don't have a home phone line anymore.

    It is very much appreciated that you share your experience with other vendors on this forum, its gives the other user info directly from your perspective, as we all know there are many choices and customer service is and should always be the number one priority, We take pride in not just building numbers but supporting every DIY alarm customer with personalized customer service with 24/7/365 telephone support
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