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Thread: Disarm a Vivint panel when you dont know the code, and how to recover unknown codes

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    Disarm a Vivint panel when you dont know the code, and how to recover unknown codes

    This is a scenerio that is all too common. You just bought a house with an existing Vivint Go!Control system in it, or refused to takeover the previous owners Vivint contract, and you dont know the master code, or user codes.

    In some cases, the panel may even be armed, or in active alarm once you power it up, or gives an "AR" arming error (see: "unable to arm panel due to loss of supervision of receiver")

    You call Vivint, and they have no love for you...(that is, unless you agree to enter into a long term contract), you are SOL. unplug the panel, or otherwise disable it.

    Does this sound familiar?

    Well, there is a way to disarm the panel if it is in alarm (even if you dont know the user codes), and also a way to recover all the user codes, including the master code, and change them, delete them, or even add your own user codes.

    Step 1:
    The Vivint Go!Control panel must be in a "disarmed" state. (If panel is armed, or is alarming, follow the below steps to disarm it).

    The panel may have an active cell module. This cell module cannot be reused, and must be replaced. You need to remove this module REGARDLESS of whether panel is armed or disarmed. VIVINT can use this cell module to back end and remote the system.
    Remove cell module:
    Note- if the panel is armed, opening it will trigger a tamper alarm (if disarmed, tamper will trigger a trouble). Disregard.You will be able to disarm and silence it shortly

    Remove AC power transformer (or remove power wire once panel is opened). There is a screw on top of panel, remove it, depress the two tabs on each end, and pull front of panel out and in a smooth downwards arc. Attach the " third hand" hook.

    Once opened , disconnect battery pack lead connector, and completely power down panel. Then watch video. Once, you familiarize yourself with how to remove the cell module (and antenna, is removed via side panel that pops out), remove cell module.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Once the cell module is removed, reconnect battery pack (AC power wire if applicable), close up panel, reconnect AC power transformer, and power panel up.

    Disarm using code 2580. Panel disarms, and alarms cease. Panel navigation is now accessable.

    Step 2:
    Recover Master and all other User codes.

    Hit "Home" button, then 'Security'>'menu'>'toolbox'>enter code "2203">'user management'

    Then click the "key" symbol next to each code to change that code (also, you may want to remove or change the User 8 code (2580)).

    Final Step!
    Arm and disarm panel with either the current Master User Code you recovered (or if you changed it, to whatever the new code is). You MUST do this to clear the panel, and return it to a normal "disarmed, Ready to Arm" status.


    Replacing the Cellular module:
    To unlock the panel, gain installer access, or switch the monitoring of the panel to someone else, see:

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    What if you don't know where a/c power plug is ?
    Can you use the code, providing previous owners didn't change it, then open panel and remove cell module without powering it down?
    If this is answered in the video then just tell me to shut the hell up, I will watch it after work.

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