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Thread: Calling Vivint to install another door sensor

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    Calling Vivint to install another door sensor

    I have had the Vivint Sky Panel installed for almost a year now. When I first got the system I was not very educated on the whole diy security system. For the most part I am happy with the system but I do wish I could add sensors and accessories myself. I understand that I will not be able to do a full takeover with this panel. But what I am wondering is, if I call out Vivint to install a new door sensor on a detached garage will I then be able to use the 2203 installer code after he leaves to disable the 48 hour lock.

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    Perhaps. Vivint can always re-enable the lockout remotely via the backend at any time though. You will have to check it every other day to verify it is still disabled.

    Also, keep in mind that any security sensors you add will require you to call Vivint, and ask for central station data entry to have the zone and descriptor added to your monitoring account.

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    My friend phoned me to say they were having problems with their front door lock and one key had broken in it. I asked them not to use the front door (access to the back door is easy). By the time I got there they'd broken another key in the door. My key couldn't get a grip inside the lock so I called the Locksmith. He charged me less than dealer to open the door.

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