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Thread: Control zwave devices/lights from standard wall switch using DW10

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    Control zwave devices/lights from standard wall switch using DW10

    If you are looking to DIY your own zwave switch to control existing zwave devices manually, see:

    Let's say for example, you have an outlet in the attic (disconnect means for say a Radon fan), and you replace the outlet with a zwave outlet...

    You can install the DW10 switch in your mech rm (or anywhere else you want the switch to be), and convienently control the installed zwave outlet in the attic. Automate your Radon mitigation system, or even wire an attic light to be switched from below the attic access....the applications are unlimited.

    Hit logo at bottom right of screen
    Enter installer code
    System configuration
    Right arrow to blank sensor location
    Down arrow
    (23) no response
    Down arrow
    (1) contact
    Down arrow
    (0862) dw10
    Down arrow
    Learn serial (or hit shift then learn)
    Pull magnet away from switch to get serial programmed
    Down arrow
    (0) new equip
    Down arrow
    Loop (1) 1
    Down arrow
    (0) disable dialer delay
    Down arrow
    Voice descriptor
    Down arrow
    (1) report enabled
    Down arrow
    (1) supervised enabled
    Down arrow
    (00) disabled no chimes/voice

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    Im new to the forum but have been installing these panels for 3 years now. Great tutorial.

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    That's pretty cool! Thanks.

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