I wanted to present my experience with Jesco/GE ZWave dimmers and the new LED and CFL bulbs.

What I have found is that the Jesco (GE) ZWave dimmers work very poorly, if at all, when the total load on the dimmer is less than 50 watts. If you stay over 50 watts, then the switch will dim the lights properly. This is assuming you are using dimmable LED or CFL bulbs. If you go under the 50 watt load, you will likely be frustrated with your dimmers. Keep in mind that LED bulbs are very low wattage, so it is very easy to get in a situation where you won't have enough load on the switch for it to dim the lights properly. The work around would be to stick with CFL bulbs or leave one incandescent bulb in the circuit.

Regardless of the bulbs you use, make sure you can take them back to where ever you buy them. These bulbs are expensive and the only way to know for sure if they will work with zwave dimmers is to test them. Just because the package says the bulb is dimmable doesn't mean it will dim properly with your zwave switch.

Perhaps is the future, the switch manufacturers will create switches that are geared to work with the low voltage bulbs. At this point, we are stuck with the zwave switches designed for incandescent bulbs.