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Thread: 2 Motion Detectors

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    2 Motion Detectors

    Is it possible to configure the panel to only alarm for either of two motion sensors if both have been simultaneously tripped?

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    I don't think so. The swinger shutdown count allows you to set how many times The same zone can go into alarm, but it doesn't affect multiple zone activations.

    In any event, to be code compliant, a single zone must be able to activate at least twice in any given alarm event, so you would think configuring the panel so that in a multiple zone activation event one zone doesn't activate at all, would violate ANSI code compliance requirements (as well as impair the functionality of the system).

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    My suggestion is to properly install and relocate a motion if simultaneous activation is occuring at each alarm event between two PIR motions.

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    More options...

    Zone type (23)
    Set one (or both) for alerts/notification/images only by setting the zone type as (23), and enabling activity monitoring for the motion(s). Zone type 23 Sensors do not initiate alarm events, but will send out alerts/emails/push/notifications for activation only (and will also capture images if an Image sensor, and if so configured via rules).

    Setting motions for zone type 23 is ideal for those with pets who routinely activate PIR motions, but where the customer/DIYer still wants the protection/image capture afforded by interior follower sensors (this works best if the motions are Image Sensors, or if there are cams with which to verify motion activation events).

    Cross Zoning
    Another option may be to remove from programming the Two PIR motions, and reprogram them for "Cross Zoning" (Q33 and Q34). Program motions as zone 47 and zone 48. They then must activate within a set amount of time (timeout) to alarm panel. If only one activates the panel does not go into alarm. If both activate within the timeout period (configurable for between 10 sec to 2 min), there is a single alarm event.

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    The second option is the one I was trying to remember but I like the first one. Thanks your dedication to this forum is much appreciated!

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