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Thread: Compatible Glass Break detector for 2gig

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    Compatible Glass Break detector for 2gig

    Anyone recommend a reliable glass break detector for the 2 gig glass break? Just getting feedback before I purchase

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    No glass break by itself is reliable. They can be activated by a barking dog, or dishes in sink (if near kitchen). They are also easy to defeat with just $5 roll of duct tape.

    I don't use GB's. Better off using a 2GIG-PIR1 or a 2GIG-IMAGE1. You can always set them as device type (23) no response and have them send images of detected motion (image1), and/or activity/activation alerts via emails/notifications without alarm activation. Most if not all, Gold plans include PIR Night Vision Infared Image Sensors (IMAGE1).

    For GB's, see:

    My suggestion to you is if you really want a GB, get a dw10 window sensor with a shock sensor combo instead (GB and shock):

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    I was looking for the same thing. The GB i have has proven not as effective as i thought.
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