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Thread: solar sign lights

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    solar sign lights

    You can get them anywhere, run about $6-$10. You can even buy them in packs at Home Depot (e.g., 6 for price of 5), and here @ LVS, and here eBay.

    Wunderlight clip-on Solar Light (3 led's)

    It uses a single rechargeable Ni-MH AAA 1.2v 600mAh battery.

    Automatically on at dusk off at dawn. Unit is weather poof. Led bulb lasts over 100,000 hours.

    They work best though if you replace the battery with a rechargable 700mAh or 800 mAh Energizer or Duracell. (Approx 10 hours light on time at night with Energizer or Duracell)

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    I found this deal online is this good price or can I find them somewhere else for cheaper, I'm looking to buy 15, for one of our project.

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    I am working on getting these units on our site, the best price I will be able to over for members of this forum is $5 each plus shipping, please let me know if interested and I will get them ordered
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    Thank you so anyway for the offer, I already ordered some.

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    Do you still have them in stock?

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