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Thread: Aeon labs minimote 2 gig issue.

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    Aeon labs minimote 2 gig issue.

    I have a aeon labs minimote added to my system as a Secondary/Inclusion Controller to Another Z-Wave Controller or Gateway in an Existing Z-Wave Network. When I view scenes from the go control panel, it has been showing me. Aqquiring z wave device configuration (for a day) and will not let me access (run or edit) any scenes from the go control. But it will let me run them from the ts1. I have done a power cycle, rediscover network & check network. This all started since adding the minimote.

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    My understanding of the minimote functionality on 2GIG is it just allows you to associate three way switches from Linear/Evolve.

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    Well I came home today and all scenes now can be accessed and edited from my go control. This little remote is pretty awesome I can create a scene on the fly, you can select dimming levels of lights and when u hit that button on the minimote what ever is asoasated lights and levels will activate. You can also dim or increase light levels in the scene. By holding the button to the desired level. I use this from my under table lighting/ behind bed up lighting and side light lamps. I love it.

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    I'm also trying to use the minimote to control a couple of lights in my house but haven't been able to do it. I have a 2gig panel as my master controller and would like to add the mini as a secondary controller and have it shut off a couple of Linear dimmable z wave bulbs. I can add the mini as a secondary controller but I can't assign a scene button on the remote using the 2gig panel nor can I do anything with it on I have been able to add the incontrol HA with Zstick as a secondary controller and then use this to assign a scene to the minimote but that only works if the incontrol HA is always running. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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    We only use them to learn in 3-way switches and have not tried what you are attempting, Is the 2GIG not able to do the scheduling of your Z-Wave bulbs that you mention? Below are the instructions
    Michael Ferer
    "The Source For Do It Yourself 2Gig Alarm Parts & Plans"

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    The 2GIG is able to schedule them and they work fine in conjunction with I was just trying to add a remote so I could turn them on or off independent of the 2GIG or the conventional wall switch.

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    I'm been trying to add a minimote to my go controller. I included it in my system but a can't create or control any scene, the all on/off feature does work. Any suggestions?

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    Anyone get this to work? I was able to add it to my 2gig gocontrol panel, but I could not figure out how to associate a button with a light switch. I reset the remote removed it from the gocontrol (or thought I did) tried again, but no luck. Now it shows up twice under controllers, And I cant remove either from the system. any tips tricks or suggestions?

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    See attachment
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    Quote Originally Posted by admin View Post
    See attachment
    Thanks. I had found this and tried these steps about 10 times. with only one switch being successful in working with the remote.

    What I really want right now is to figure out how to remove it from the panel. It says there are two controllers installed on the panel.
    and in the ADC app they show up as: Controller (ID:8) and Controller (ID:9) with a slider and on off buttons as though it were a light switch.

    How do I remove these? when I try the normal way (only way I know how) at the panel, remove devices, it always says this device was successully removed from "another network" rather than this network.

    Any tips or ideas out there???

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