I don't do reviews very often anymore, because it seems lately companies just don't care about customer service anymore... But I wanted to take a minute and mention a recent experience with Mike Ferer at Around The Clock Alarm. I purchased a used 2gig panel and accessories and was in need of a service provider. I signed up for some information at buy2gig.com and Mike called me in less than 30 minutes. I told him what I had for a system and he was kind enough to help me figure out what was needed to get everything working. I needed a cell module installed, because my unit didn't have one. Mike helped me figure out what I needed for parts and I placed the order. After receiving it, it still would not communicate with network, so Mike helped me again troubleshoot the issue. This was at 5:30 at night and he stayed on the phone until we figured out the issue. The unit I had was locked to a previous dealer and I thought I had wasted money on buying the unit. Mike asked if I would send him the unit, and he would see what he could do. I sent him the panel, and the day it arrived at his place, he had been working on it. He had no luck getting it to release from the proprietary dealer setup, so instead he sent me a brand new control panel at his expense. I was shocked to say the least, after he shipped it back my service was up and running in minutes. He even helped me setup sensors and other settings.

Mike treated me as if I had bought the panel from him, and I had been a customer for years. I wanted to publicly recognize him for outstanding customer service. You can find him here: www.locknalarm.com

Thanks Mike! You have a customer for life!!!

Joe Maynard