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I'm in the process of adding an siren and driver to my 2gig. I noticed today during my pre-setup that for some reason, the bell output on my 2gig board always has power. Is this normal?
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I have a new system with Resolution Siren using the Bell connectors on the 2Gig Panel, once I connect it the siren goes off. I am using connectors 5 and 6.
For those trying to install a wired bell or siren (or piezo) to the 2GIG panel, you may have noticed 5 and 6 are always hot. You may need to install a resistor on the bell circuit.

The siren/sounder may require a specific resistor as determined by the manufacturer, otherwise, 2GIG recommends a 820 ohm resistor for low current sounders.

Enable Q21 (1-3) to supervise external siren wiring

Bell output is 6-12 VDC @120mA maximum

For an alternative to a wired bell/siren, you can also use a indoor/outdoor 100db/105db zwave siren/strobe (up to 240 zwave devices can be used on panel, which includes siren/strobes)

For more info, see: http://www.2gigforum.com/threads/168...iren-with-2gig
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