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Thread: Looking to leverage my pre-wired sensors in new DIY system

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    Looking to leverage my pre-wired sensors in new DIY system

    Hello everyone,

    I'm new here, but I'm hoping to gain some insight in to a DIY solution. Our house was pre-wired and had a Brinks install from the original owner in 1995/6. We are looking to essentially "take-over" the system with a new control panel, keypad, etc. My current panel is an old Scantronic.

    The previous system had 8 zones, all wired except 1 which is wireless. I believe the fire/carbon monoxide is also wired.

    Essentially, what am I looking at equipment-wise to make this happen based on the info given? I've been considering many options, and now I've got it down to either a Honeywell solution or a 2gig solution. Either way I have the option of using online tools to self monitor as well as sign up for professional monitoring. Would you suggest IP or cellular? I don't want to pay for a POTS line. And are there any monitoring companies you would suggest?

    Thanks for the help in advance!

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    2GIG uses IP and cellular. The 3G cell module and IP module (Go!Bridge) are sold seperately. For converting wired zones you need a 2GIG-TAKE super switch. You may have to replace the wired smoke with a wireless SMKT3 though (heat/photo/freeze).

    2GIG-CNTRL21 panel
    TS1 keypad
    XCVR2 transciever
    3G CDMA or HSPA cell module
    IP/broadband bridge (Go!Bridge)
    Smoke detector (2GIG-SMKT3)

    As for monitoring/self monitoring there is a forum dedicated just for that. My recommendation is Suretycam/suretydiy, or LockNAlarm/buy2gig

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    I think I'm going to still use my wired zones as wired, and simply want the ability to add more wireless devices down the road, if that makes sense. Might as well take advantage of what's wired already, but if I want to add z-wave products or if the fire alarm has to be wireless, then I want to be able to do that. Are there any options that are both fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors? I was looking at the nest unit for this, but that doesn't seem to be compatible with z-wave or total connect.

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    You can use existing smokes like the interconnected 120v which usually are CO and ION via a Firefighter module. Otherwise, the 2GIG sensors are separate for the photo smoke and CO detector

    As for the wired sensors they can only be used on 2GIG via a TAKE super switch (2GIG is a wireless system with two wired zones) the 2GIG-TAKE allows 8 wired zones to be converted to wireless

    The 2GIG panel is compatible with all Honeywell wireless sensors

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