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    New System

    Good morning all. I have been looking at a new security system for our new construction house that my wife and I are supposed to be taking delivery of at the end of the month. I had looked into companies that offer monitoring but after what looks like billing scams and whatnot I have been kind of turned off to these companies. I like the look and features of the 2gig system and wanted to know if I can buy the system myself and just have the messages and signals that would normally be sent to the alarm monitoring company to my personal cell phone or my wife's phone. I'm sure this is possible but wanted to see if there was a page or resource out there somewhere that explains how to do this. Thanks for the help. Also if this is not in the right spot please feel free to move it. Thanks.


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    Yes it is i am a Dealer and i offer just what you are looking for. Self monitoring at a low price with the backend it works well and you can set it up how you like. Please contact me via pm for more details my including price listing and help finding equipment.

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    Great, thanks.

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