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Thread: Vivint: An Insiders story

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    Vivint: An Insiders story

    From a customer's perspective, Vivint is notorious for using deceptive and high pressure tactics to close a sale...

    The Vivint 'Lure'
    Todd Pedersen, Vivint Founder, and CEO, is a Mormon, and Vivint recruits mostly youngish Mormon college kids who have spent two years on a mission, knocking on doors six-and-a-half days a week in a foreign land, facing rejection 99.9 times out of 100. Experienced Vivint sales managers recruit their own underlings for the most part, and train them according to the book (Vivint’s, that is), promising great financial rewards. During the summer, Vivint unleashes these troops in carefully selected neighborhoods throughout the country. The kids knock on doors almost every day from noon until sundown...Source
    Here is a summer in the life of an average 'annonymous' Vivint sales rep, and it may surprise you.
    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous on Nov 2nd, 2014
    I worked for Vivint for a few years just ending my stay there this summer. They prey on the elderly, i am ashamed to say i worked there. They recruit college kids to do this job offering them quick and easy money. They have a whole pitch and sales system in place that they use to con people out of their money. They knock without licensing, they have complaints all over the united states, they use outdated awards and magazine excerpts to show people they are “trustworthy”, when in reality, the person standing before you at your door ready to take money that day and have a shady technician from Utah(using his own car as the company is too cheap to provide vehicles) install it the same day, has actually been trained for about a day before getting your personal info and running a hard credit check against your credit.

    Beware especially if you live anywhere near Tampa. This section of the company used to be platinum and was bought out by Vivint. It’s a shady business and if you are a person trying to apply for this job, keep in mind they will offer you a lot of money and a “backend check” in October. Mine was in the negatives. I owed Vivint at the end of the year. This company is predatory, on college kids, on families, and customers. Stay FARRRRR away from this company. They lock you into a five year contract that you have no hopes of ever escaping and raise the prices on you on a whim. Service techs that repair your system if something goes wrong can usually only get there within two weeks, so you may be looking forward to going without monitoring for 2 weeks at the bare minimum if something does happen.

    They don’t pay for your city permit or even discuss it with you, the police will fine you several hundred dollars for not having this while operating a security system. Vivint isn’t even allowed to do business in some states because of their record with customers. The worst customer service possible and usually if you have a problem, you can only talk to one person, who is usually conveniently not there. This company should be brought up on fraud charges. Do not work for this company, they will work you 6 days a week from sun up till sundown with only two excused absences a summer. You work whether there is lightening, heat in the triple digits, sick or not. They don’t care. If you miss a day of work it is a $100 dollar fine out of your check.

    People have been robbed while doing this job because they put you in horrible neighborhoods whether you are male or female, with no supervision. It’s all commission based so most reps can go weeks without a paycheck whether they have a family or not. Ive seen coworkers go homeless, lose their car, not be able to make it to court cases etc due to not being able to take time off. The management are the shadiest people you will ever meet. The company takes a group of people or an “Office” and moves them to different parts of the country to keep them away from family or friends that might convince them to leave.

    This is all strategically done to keep their reps under lock and key. You DO have to pay for these apartments that they force you into. Plus utilities, they aren’t doing anything to help you. You will also never move up in this company regardless of what they promise you. Good luck to anyone brave enough to work here or use this system. I worked here and it ruined my life.

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