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Thread: Steer clear of the AT&T/T-Mobile 2G (GSM) modules

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    Steer clear of the AT&T/T-Mobile 2G (GSM) modules

    For the most part all 2G GSM modules are being phased out. All the 2G ATT modules have been discontinued, but some ADC ( dealers are still selling the 2G TMO 2GIG-GSM2 modules. It is recommended to avoid these 2G modules, or at least Sellers/Dealers who have a no return policy in place.

    TMobile is actively upgrading its 2G/2G enhanced "EDGE" network (on the 1900 frequency) to LTE, and plans to have the entire 2G network operating as LTE by mid 2015 nationwide. You can read more about that Here.

    In many Tmobile 2G/EDGE areas, the TMO GSM2 modules may no longer function on the ADC ( network (this may be especially true if your TMO area operates on the 2G 1900 MHZ frequency) and may fail irregardless of signal strength...this may be directly related to changes made by T-Mobile to their towers.

    The modules may no longer be able to connect to ADC. So think twice before wasting your money on a 2G TMO GSM2 module. Even if you have a strong TMO 2G signal in your area, if its EDGE, or operating on the 1900 MHz frequency you may be SOL.

    T-Mobile has not yet released a 3G HSPA cell module to my knowledge.

    Quote Originally Posted by TMO on Dec 17, 2013

    2G Reallocation
    Approximately 90% of our network traffic is on our 3G and 4G bands (1700 MHz and 2100 MHz), which is leaving our 2G bands (850 MHz and 1900 MHz) underused. To help make best use of our 2G bands, we will be re-farming the excess 1900 MHz spectrum from EDGE technology to HSPA+. This will not eliminate 2G 1900 coverage in an area, but will free up some of that spectrum for 4G services. This reallocation will result in increased 4G capacity, smoother connections, and fewer dropped calls.

    Network Upgrades
    T-Mobile will also be improving approximately 37,000 cell sites over the next 18 months. These changes will provide improved voice and data coverage and a 20 percent improvement to indoor coverage.
    Well, the refarming of the 1900 MHz frequency (2G/EDGE); tower upgrades, seems to have affected ADC's ability to communicate via the GSM2 modules...

    2GIG Go!Control TMO-GSM2 cellular module:

    TMO "Good" Tower Signal (EDGE/1900 MHz frequency):

    TMO Coverage Map (2G/EDGE purple; 3G HSPA/HSPA+ pink):

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    ADC ( is no longer allowing new account creation with 2G GSM cell modules.

    "Sorry, your cellular module XXXXXXXXXXXXXX has a 2G radio and can no longer be used to create a new account. Please upgrade to a 3G module."

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