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Thread: How do I hardwire the Go!Control Control Panel so the cord doesn't show?

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    How do I hardwire the Go!Control Control Panel so the cord doesn't show?

    I'm new to the world of 2Gig and recently received my Control Panel 2GIG-CP21. It comes with a 120v AC adapter to 14v DC adapter/transformer that plugs into the wall. When I called Customer Service they told me that there's no way to hardwire the control panel and that because of the transformer, it has to be plugged into the wall outlet. In my opinion, this looks extremely cheap. Are they correct that there's no way to conceal the wires in the wall?


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    Technically if you are skilled enuff you can hide the wires in the wall but you will still need a way to get the transformer plugged in its not the prettiest method but it can be done with the proper ingenuity

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    I ran the wire for the panel down the inside of my wall and then plugged it into an outlet I had installed in my basement ceiling. So on the first floor of the house, I see nothing but the panel attached to the wall.

    At my father's house, we ran the power wire down the wall from the attic above; power adapter is plugged into an outlet in the attic.

    Page 14 of the Installation Guide says what size wire to use for what length run between the panel and power adapter:

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    Personally, it never really mattered to me if the transformer was visable. I don't use the transformer bracket, and it almost looks like one of those fancy "plug in" air visable wires.

    Here is my install:

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