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Thread: save video to local drive?

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    save video to local drive?

    Ok, this is a weird one! I have a new puppy that seems rather fond of a particluar remote for my TV.At first he was just knockling it into the floor then one day it was nowhere to be found. I looked everywhere and eventually replaced it. Three days later the new one is gone. I have a spare camera that I'd love to train on the table and see where he is hiding my remotes! Any thoughts?

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    Save video to local drive? You mean a standalone cam? Or a spare ADC cam?

    I suspect saving Video locally on the 2GIG panel will require either a second or third generation panel (go!2.0 aka Vivint sky panel or GC3)

    As for using a third party cam, I can't help you there.

    For a regular ADC IP cam make sure its IR, and set a rule for Video motion detection at all times, disable "at home" options, and use a small VMD window on the remote area...

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