One of the most critical aspects for a military family when entering into a contract is the ability to cancel said contract if certain criteria are met.

Vivint has always been a bit cagey and dodgy when it comes to military personnel trying to cancel their long term contractual obligations. Their sales people are known to tell a prospective military customer whatever they want to hear to close the deal and make the sale.

Well, here it is in black and white... a nutshell

1. If account is in non-active duty spouse's name, you are accorded NO military deferment, or rights under this policy of cancelation.

2. If you are active duty military, and account is in your name, and Unless you are relocated onto base housing, or deployed overseas to a location where there is no Vivint service, (and can show proof), or unless you recieved a medical discharge, you are accorded NO rights under this policy for early cancelation.

If temporarily assigned away from permanent residence, you can defer payment for up to 6 months.

3. SCRA does NOT apply to this policy/contractual agreement

Download PDF file: Official Vivint Military Policy