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Thread: Where to buy, and best deals/prices for new 2GIG panels, sensors, and gear

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    Where to buy, and best deals/prices for new 2GIG panels, sensors, and gear

    2GIG panel DEMO:
    Click Here

    Best Prices for 2GIG and Plans

    24/7 365 Phone Support 1-877-661-8941

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    2GIG voted best wireless alarm equipment in 2012 and 2013 by the security industry at the Electronic Security Expo: 2GIG Technology wins top honors again

    If you are looking for the best prices for new panels, door/window sensors (DW10), recessed door sensors (DW20R), motions (PIR1), smokes (SMKT2/SMKT3), image sensors (IMAGE1), touchscreen keypads (TS1), keypads (PAD1), panel batteries (BATT1 (standard 2000mah)/BATT1x (2400mah)/BATT2X (2600mah)), etc, then look at eBay.

    You can even get panels, sensors, and equipment from Walmart...and Newegg. Some other sites include SuretyDIY, Buy2gig, and Amazon, etc

    A brand new 2GIG CP2 panel from runs $179

    Brand new CP2 from Newegg runs $157 Here

    Buy2gig has a DIY package deal for $90 (but requires a 3yr monitoring contract). Includes panel, 3G cell module, (3) DW10 door/window sensors, a PIR1 motion, and a KEY1 keyfob remote. See: 2GIG GCKIT311

    For info on obtaining wireless, and zwave sirens/strobes, see:

    Cellular modules can be obtained, here:

    The Go!Bridge (2GIG-BRDG1) for dual communication IP broadband connectivity runs $84 at Buy2gig

    Also, you can Google "2GIG GCKIT311" and get the panel, (3) DW10 door/window sensors, PIR1 motion detector, and keyfob for around $300. Also, "2GIG GCKIT410" which offers (4) window door sensors, and a PIR motion for the same $300 price.

    On ebay, you can get new (vivint branded) panels for $80, TS1's for $50, door/window sensors for $15-$25, smokes for $40, pir motions for $30, new panel batteries $15-$25 (batteries should be replaced every 3 yrs, and if you have smoke detectors you should replace with extended batt2x preferably), Image sensors for less than $100...

    Buy2gig has the best offering for zwave Yale locks/deadbolts (Yale and Schlage are strongly recommended over Kwikset), and your local Lowes (iris) has a good selection of zwave switches (GE/Jasco), zwave appliance/outlets (GE), zwave tstats (CT100), zwave locks/deadbolts (Schlage & Kwikset), zwave 100db sirens (Utilitech/Everspring), zwave energy meters, etc.

    Once you get your gear, here is how to install it

    Here is a listing of central station, DIY, and plans and offerings:

    Once firmware is updated (freely available firmware downloads are HERE, regardless of where you obtain your panel, you will want to update panel/TS1 to newest firmware available), and once Q44 is reset to 0, the Vivint branded panel is identical to an OEM 2GIG panel that retails for $100 more. (Default Vivint installer code is 2203)

    For optimal panel settings, and installer/programming guides, see:

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    It's always best to check on firmware on any equipment (before purchase) you buy and make sure it can be upgraded,very easy to do with the instructions on this forum. If you purchase a go control and ts1 and they are mismatched you will have issues

    We only will sell panels and ts1's with the latest firmware pre-installed to save you time and money,nothing leaves our facility without confirming it has the latest version of firmware.

    We support all DiY'ers so you can get more for your money,we also offer to completely program your system so all you need to do is power it up and install the devices, leave the programming to us
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