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Thread: Motion detector seems to work but doesnt trip panel

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    Motion detector seems to work but doesnt trip panel

    I noticed my alarm didn't sound when I walked in the garage and became curious.

    I set my panel in walk test, waited for 4 minutes and went into the garage. Panel did not show trip.

    I found a magnet and put it on the arrow and saw the red led light. Stood still and moved again and the light showed again. Did that several times and then went back to panel. Still no trip on the panel.

    What do I try next?

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    Verify the programming is correct

    Hit logo, bottom right screen corner
    Enter Installer code
    system config

    Right arrow till you see device
    Hit down arrow
    (04) Interior follower
    Down arrow
    (2) motion
    Down arrow
    (0689) pir
    Down arrow
    Serial (7 digits)
    Down arrow
    (0) new
    Down arrow
    Loop (1) 1
    Down arrow
    (0) disabled (delay)
    Down arrow
    Down arrow
    (1)enabled (reports)
    Down arrow
    (1)enabled (supervised)
    Down arrow
    (00)disabled (chime)
    Down arrow
    Summary screen

    If programming is correct, check to make sure sensor is installed properly

    Make sure not programmed as cross sensor Q33(1) Zn 47 and Zn 48 (to disable set Q33 to "0")

    Remove screw, remove pir detector from back, make sure jumper is high sensitivity, and immunity is lowest (30lbs or so). Reassemble.

    Check height, verify it is at 7.5'-8'. If mounted to swivel bracket, you may need to adjust angle/position.

    If screwed directly to wall, screws should only be on one side, not both.

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    loop was set to two. Changed it to 1 and did a walk test and all was well.

    As usual, you do man! thanks!

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