How to install and program a 2GIG carbon monoxide detector

Actuation of this device indicates the presence of carbon monoxide which can KILL you, so install and program properly

Install at least 6" from ceiling on wall, or on ceiling at least 12" from any wall, and within 10" of sleeping area, and on every floor, and near inside garage door.

Descriptor codes:

Hit logo at bottom right of screen
Enter installer code
System configuration
Right arrow to blank sensor location, then down arrow (then down arrow again after each section)
(14) 24-hour carbon monoxide alarm
Down arrow
(0589 Canada or 0560 US ) CO3-345
Learn serial (shift then learn, activate tamper by removing base, then 'ok')
Down arrow
(0) new equip
Down arrow
Loop (1) 1
Down arrow
(0) disable dialer delay
Down arrow
Voice descriptor ("insert", enter descriptor word code)
Down arrow
(1) report enabled
Down arrow
(1) supervised enabled
Down arrow
(O) chime