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Thread: Installing/Programming keyfobs (2GIG-KEY2)

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    Installing/Programming keyfobs (2GIG-KEY2)

    The panel supports up to 8 remotes (keyfobs).

    Hit logo at bottom right of screen
    Enter installer code
    System configuration
    Select "go to", enter (03) for Q3 keyfobs
    Use right arrow, select empty fob #, then down arrow (then down arrow again after each section)
    (01) Fob used/enabled
    (0866) Key2
    Learn serial (shift then learn, hold in button keys, then 'ok')
    (0) new equip
    Select emergency fob function:
    (0) disabled; (1) auxilary alarm; (2) audible alarm; (3) silent panic; (4) fire
    Select if fob can disarm:
    (0) disabled; (1) enabled
    Voice descriptor
    Select arming no delay:
    (0) disabled; (1) enabled
    Select fob key 4 output: (disable unless using a garage door/GDR output)
    (0)disabled; (1) toggle output; (2) momentary output
    Next to program another fob, else

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    For a visual in case that helps anyone new to the programming to follow rive's instructions.

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    Can the 2gig keyfob unlock and lock kwikset door locks? any help would be great

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    if you have it set to say unlock when you disarm the system from away i think that is possible but rive would know more about it then me.

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    The panic can be activated by pressing and holding the away and disarm buttons. The auxiliary button will only trigger the panel's trigger output terminals.
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