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Thread: Installing/Programming Glass Breaks (2GIG-GB1)

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    Installing/Programming Glass Breaks (2GIG-GB1)

    Installing a GB1 Glass Break

    Place on adjacent wall, or opposite wall from window being protected (test button should be orientated down towards floor)

    Recommended to download quick programming guide, you will need it for the descriptor codes. Decide on the name/voice announcement of the sensor (its descriptor), then write down the descriptor codes, before you start programming.

    Hit logo at bottom right of screen
    Enter installer code
    System configuration
    Right arrow to blank sensor location, then down arrow (then down arrow again after each section)
    (03) perimeter
    (0864) GB1 glass break detector
    Learn serial (shift then learn, activate GB tamper, then 'ok')
    (0) new equip
    Loop (1) 1
    (0) disable dialer delay
    Voice descriptor ("insert", enter code)
    (1) report enabled
    (1) supervised enabled
    (01) voice only

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    Great instructions

    Not sure that this adds anything, but in case anyone finds a visual helpful-

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