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  1. Issue with 2GIG thin window/door sensor

    I've got a random issue with a relatively newly installed system door sensor.

    It all seems to have started right after a warm evening when we had been working outside. We had the front door open...
  2. Thank you. This has been my course of action...

    Thank you.

    This has been my course of action so far.

    This is actually the instructions I've seen on other sites detailing installation.

    I'm not sure if the gap or the door being steel and...
  3. Issues with DW10 Thin Door/Window contact


    I am installing my system and have run into a slight snag with the thin door/window contact.

    I have 3 entrance/exit doors that I need to protect.

    I have the DW10 and DW40 to choose...
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    Too many choices! Please help

    Due to being very displeased with so many quotes from several providers and none of them wanting to sensor windows because "no thief breaks in through a window anymore...." I decided to buy my own...
  5. Cell module....AT&T...Verizon.....Securenet??

    We are getting ready to move and after hearing all the pitches and prices from several companies I am becoming convinced I might be better off buying my own equipment and choosing a monitoring plan...
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    So, this makes me wonder if I can do the same...

    So, this makes me wonder if I can do the same thing.

    My install date was sometime in 2009. I would think my "commitment" is over.

    I'm wondering if they will want any of their equipment back. I...
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