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  1. Can't find sensors after battery replacement

    I've been getting low battery warnings on several sensors for a while. I replaced two door sensor batteries. Neither is showing a fault or is missing but the front door no longer registers as open...
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    Help! Master passcode not recognized

    I have contractors working in my home -- not near control panel -- and the control panel keeps beeping. I tried to enter master passcode to see what is going on and it says incorrect password. I...
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    new user access limit setup?

    I have contractors working on my house and I want to limit the access times they can get in my house. I have created a new user and set an access range. I want them to be allowed access from June...
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    save video to local drive?

    Ok, this is a weird one! I have a new puppy that seems rather fond of a particluar remote for my TV.At first he was just knockling it into the floor then one day it was nowhere to be found. I looked...
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    I replaced my 3 AAA with coppertops and it...

    I replaced my 3 AAA with coppertops and it immediately shows low battery! Guess I need to get LI's.
  6. Thread: Keyfob

    by gunslinger


    My key fob was working just fine but the case wore through where it attaches to my keyring. I ordered a new fob from ebay -- $12 -- and when I opened the fog the circuit board popped right out so I...
  7. loop was set to two. Changed it to 1 and did a...

    loop was set to two. Changed it to 1 and did a walk test and all was well.

    As usual, you do man! thanks!
  8. Motion detector seems to work but doesnt trip panel

    I noticed my alarm didn't sound when I walked in the garage and became curious.

    I set my panel in walk test, waited for 4 minutes and went into the garage. Panel did not show trip.

    I found a...
  9. I have this camera and night time is B&W for me....

    I have this camera and night time is B&W for me. Mine worked for about 9 months then stopped working. ADC relaced it and the new one has NEVER connected wirelessly. I have worked for over a month...
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