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  • (Mirror) Download 2GIG GO!Control Firmware

    How to check your firmware version
    On main panel
    Security>Menu>Toolbox>master code>right arrow>version

    On TS1
    Security>Menu>Toolbox>master code>version
    What you need:

    2GIG GoControl panel with firmware v1.5 (or higher)

    Now Available (cable and 4 pin extender for TS1 UPCBL2): $24

    Buy2GIG: 2GIG UPCBL2
    Newegg: 2GIG UPCBL2
    SuretyDIY: 2GIG UPCBL2 w/TS1 4pin

    Free, Downloadable Firmware and PDF Installation Instructions for Main CP and TS1:
    2GIG Firmware v1.9.6
    2GIG Firmware v1.10
    2GIG Firmware v1.10.1
    2GIG Firmware v1.12
    2GIG Firmware 1.13
    2GIG Firmware 1.14 Latest Released 1/12/16
    Firmware 1.14.01
    2GIG Firmware 1.16

    note- I uploaded these to mediafire. Stock 2GIG OEM firmware. (Source)

    VIDEO: updating Main CP

    Follow instructions in PDF to install d****rs, and create your shortcut. For more info on how to do it see Installing d****r, and creating desktop shortcuts

    Once you have powered down, and are ready to connect cable to panel, watch video


    note- v1.10 (and newer firmware versions) require TS1 4pin extender, v1.9.6 does not.

    Firmware version summary
    Each version is cumulative, and contains the upgrades, and fixes of prior versions. (e.g., installing v1.12 includes everything in v1.10, v1.9, v1.8, v1.7, etc)

    V1.8 included TS1 touch panel support, fixes for the XCVR2, and 2way voice, silent arming and backlight off control, zwave fixes, usability improvements and enhancements, canadian-french language support, installer/configuration enhancements, firmware downloads and update cable option added, etc.

    V1.9.6 includes bug fixes, backlight "always on" option (Q89), minor updates to 1.9.4/1.9.5 which enabled 3G ADC (alarm.com) cellular modules, etc. (v1.9/v1.9.2 added new support for sensors like dbell1, and smkt3, UI changes, 32 User codes, new chimes, zwave sirens, schlage/Yale lock support, zwave fixes, etc).

    V1.10 adds Image Sensor capability, zwave lock motorized deadbolt Schlage capabilities/fixes, and support for zwave (Q90 energy feature) meter, and cellular module support ( Q91 radio modem supplier) for Telguard and Uplink celluar modules, minor bug fixes, UI changes, etc

    V1.10.1 adds support for 2GIG GC3GA-T (AT&T) 3G Cell Radios, and associated Telguard remote services, more zwave lock support/fixes (e.g., scenerio where lock codes were being removed after system configuration changes), minor spanish language fixes, etc.

    V1.12 zwave ADC/empower rules lock fix for Schlage locks (BE469), adds support for IP broadband communication capability via the Go!Bridge (adds dual communication for cellular and internet connectivity), new voice descriptors, Portuguese language, minor UI changes, XCVR2 upgraded capability, Improved backend remote capabilities, etc.This update is only for CP; TS1 on 1.10 works with panel on 1.12.

    V1.13 adds new voice descriptors, adds Linear Zwave garage door opener remote support for GD00Z, linear zwave wall mount siren/strobe support (WA105DBZ-1), new/renamed equip codes, Q83 expansion for time/date/temp, new Q97 sound selection option, adds Uplink cellular remote services, improved navigation to energy information, new programming options for Go! Bridge (Q92).

    V1.14 GC2 Added Zones Total of 60 Wireless Zones Now, Added 32 User Codes up to 64 Now,UL 1610 Compliance Added,Backend ADC & Uplink Support GD00Z-4 Linear Z-Wave Garage Door Controller,Backend Support ADC & Uplink GC-TBZ48 Z-Wave Thermostat,System History Bypass Event Logs for 2GIG-DW40-345, Z-Wave Device Association * SEE FULL RELEASE NOTES BELOW*

    V1.16 Connectivity with Icontrol One Remote Service
    The GC2 firmware v1.16 now supports Icontrol One service.
    Connectivity with SecureNet Remote Service
    The GC2 firmware v1.16 now supports SecureNet. The 2GIG Control Panel requires firmware v1.16 and either the
    2GIG Cellular Radio for SecureNet (2GIG‐GCCDMVX‐NET) and if dual path is needed, just add the 2GIG Go!Bridge IP Communicator (2GIG‐BRDG1‐ 900).
    Please visit the SecureNet website for a complete list of supported Central Stations. Two‐Way voice for SecureNet is not supported in this
    Uplink Remote Service
    The GC2 firmware v1.16 does not support the Uplink service.
    Telguard Remote Service
    The GC2 firmware v1.16 does not support the Telguard service.
    Updated Equipment Codes
    Two new codes have been added to the firmware. These codes are selected by the installer when pairing peripheral devices with the panel.
    These new codes are supported by ADC, SecureNet, and Icontrol. The new equipment codes are as follows:
    (1067) 2GIG Repeater
    (1068) 2GIG Translator (Coming Soon!)
    Updated Zone Types
    A new zone type has been added to firmware version v1.16. The zone type is selected by the installer when pairing the panel with peripheral
    devices that utilize localized troubles (such as RF jam or AC loss detected by the peripheral device). The new zone type is as follows:
    (32) Remote device
    The Alarm CIDs for the new zone type are as follows:
    (334) LOS
    (338) LOW BATT
    (341) TAMPER
    (342) AC LOSS*
    (344) RF JAM
    NOTE: Remote supervision and signal forwarding for this zone type is currently only available on alarm.com.
    *AC loss will not be reported to the Central Station.
    Other backends will support it in a future release.

    For more info, see firmware PDF file Below

    USB to J4 connector cable (UPCBL):

    4pin extender (for TS1):
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